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PB4L Reward System

Cobar High School PB4L Rewards System: Ram Bands

CHS rewards system has been designed by the school SRC to encourage positive behaviour at the school, being rewarded consistently and often. The rewards system works separate to the levels system.

The system revolves around wristbands, colour coded indicating which reward band students have achieved. Teachers only hand out Blue Bands or Blue Cards, whenever they see appropriate positive behaviour, both in and out of class.

Year Advisers will twice weekly allow students to trade their Blue Bands or Blue Cards for higher bands, with a SRC rep helping them track student's progress. There is no procedure for tracking who a staff member has given a blue band to.

The Bands last for 1 term and are reset Day 1 the next term. At the end of each term there will be a Rewards afternoon, co-ordinated by the SRC in which students will be rewarded depending on the highest band they have achieved. Students must produce and surrender all bands to receive the reward. There is no paying of rewards throughout the semester.

How the system works

  • Blue Band or Blue Card – achieved when a student exhibits a single positive behaviour.
  • Red Band – When a student has collected 3 Blue Bands or Blue Cards
  • Purple Band – achieved when a student has collected 3 Red Bands (9 Blue Bands or Blue Cards)
  • Green Band – achieved when a student has collected 4 Purple Bands (36 Blue Bands or Blue Cards)
  • Rainbow Band– achieved when a student has collected 4 Green bands (144 Blue Bands or Blue Cards)

The Rewards for each band will vary, but a basic structure may look like;

Rewards to be negotiated with the SRC!

  • Red Band - a chocolate
  • Purple Band - a drink
  • Green Band - a BBQ lunch
  • Rainbow Band - Out of school activity, such as Rock climbing wall, afternoon at the pool.

It must be realised by teachers that for a student to achieve the Rainbow band they need 144 Blue Bands or Blue Cards. That means a student needs on average 3 a day throughout the term to attain this level.

It is a student's responsibility to look after their bands, and replacement bands are not automatically granted.

What can be rewarded? Any positive behaviour on our universal matrix.