Cobar High School

Vouloir C'est Pouvoir - Where there's a will there's a way

Telephone02 6836 2705



Enrolment Application form - to enrol a student at Cobar High School it is required to have an interview with Mrs Amie Hill  (Deputy Principal). The school may be contacted on (02) 6836 2705 to arrange an interview.  Other requirements are your child’s birth certificate (or passport and visa documents) and their Immunisation History Statement. Your child's current academic school report is optional.  Mrs Hill  will be able to answer any other questions during the enrolment interview.

2024 General Permission form - annual general permission to publish and for student to attend excursions (periods outside the school grounds) supervised by staff between normal school hours (8:55am to 3:30pm)

2024 Medical information form - annual form to update medical and parent/carer contact information

2023 Stage 4 and 5 School Sport permission form - annual form for Stage 4 and 5 school sports - held periods 5 and 6 each Friday

Application for Exemption from Attendance form - use for medical appointments out of town

Application for Extended Leave: Travel form - use when student will be travelling away for 1 week or more

CHS Assessment Receipt form - to be completed and signed by student and teacher as proof of assessment task submitted

Illness and Misadventure Application form - to apply for an extension of an assessment due

Change of Subject form

Student Self-Administration of Medication form - permission for Staff to supervise student self-administration of medication while on excursions




2024 Cobar High School Information Booklet - contains information about Staff, Curriculum, Term Dates, PB4L, Uniform, and Enrolment

2024 Stage 4 and 5 Book and Equipment List

CHS Wellbeing and Behaviour Procedure: Parents - Booklet

2023 HSC Assessment Booklet

2023 Year 11 Assessment Booklet

2023 Stage 5 (RoSA) Assessment Booklet

2023 Stage 4 Assessment Booklet